Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Educational Background: 

1) MEngg. in Telecommunication , Telecommunication American International University –Bangladesh(AIUB), 2010

2) BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, EEE American International University –Bangladesh(AIUB) , 2008

Research Interest: 

  • Nanotechnology

Selected Publications: 


  • Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Mustafa Mohammad Shaky "Exploration of Thermoelectric Power Generation Possibility from Waste Heat Source using Advanced Thermoelectric Power Generation Simulator" (Published in International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research-IJSER , ISSN: 2229-5518, Vlume 8, Issue 1 , January 2017, http://www.ijser.org/research-paper-publishing-january-2017_page4.aspx)
  • Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Mohammad Shafquatul Islam, Arman Riaz Ochi "Analysis of Ultra Wide Band Four stage Distributed Low Noise Amplifier in TSMC 0.18μm Process" (Published in International Journal of Research in Computer Engineering & Electronics , Volume 2 Issue 6, January, 2014 , http://www.ijrcee.org/i)
  • Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, A K M Arifuzzman, Nadia Nowshin, Chowdhury Akram Hossain “Effects of Series resistance, Effective Mobility and Output Conductance on Si-NWFET Based on Y-function Technique” (Published in International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) ISSN: 0975-5462, Volume: 3 Issue : 1, pp: 285-291, January,2011. www.ijest.info)
  • A K M Arifuzzman, Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Nadia Nowshin, Kazi Mohitul Islam, Md. Bashar Dewan Yunus “Extraction of Nanoparticle Organic Memory Field-Effect Transistor (NOMFET) Parameters Using Functional Model” (Published in European Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR) ISSN: 1450-216X/1450-202X, Volume:49, Issue: 4, pp: 610-616, February,2011,(www.eurojournals.com/EJSR.htm)
  • Nadia Nowshin, Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, A K M Arifuzzman, Dhrupad Debnath “A Novel Method for Analyzing JFET Parameters in Nano-scale Level” (Published in Canadian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (CJEEE) ISSN: 1923-0540 Volume:2, Issue: 2, pp: 25-30, February,2011, (www.ampublisher.com/Canadian-Journal-Electrical-Electronics-Engineering....)
  • Kazi Mohitul Islam, Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Chowdhury Akram Hossain and A K M Arifuzzman, “Performance Comparison between Traditional and Gray-mapped 16-QAM Scheme with OFDM in both AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel”. (Published in International Journal of Computer and Information Technology (IJCIT) ISSN: 2078-5828, Volume: 1, Issue: 2, pp:66-70, January, 2011. www.ijcit.org).
  • AKM Arifuzzman, Kazi Mohitul Islam, Akram Hossain, Shaikhul Arefin Khan, Abdul Hasib Siddique, Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad “Performance comparison between traditional and Gray-mapped 16-QAM scheme in both AWGN and Rayleigh fading channel” (Published in the Stamford Journal of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Technology. ISSN: 1995 -5383, Volume: 1, Issue: 3, pp-75-80, June 2010).


  • Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Mohammad Shafquatul Islam, Kazi Muhammad Jameel, Arman Riaz Ochi, Rakibul Hafiz; "Performance Study of 12-CNTFET and GDI CNTFET based Full Adder in HSPICE"; IEEE International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology Research, IEEE ICAETR 2014. Full Paper Published and Indexed
  • Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, Kazi Muhammad Jameel,Mohammad Shafquatul Islam, Arman Riaz Ochi, Rakibul Hafiz; "Design and Analysis of a CNTFET–Based Potentiostat for Bio Medical Sensing Application"; IEEE International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology Research, IEEE ICAETR 2014. Full Paper Published and Indexed
  • Syed Mustafa Khelat Bari, Subrata Biswas, Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, A. K. M. Arifuzzman, Nawjif Md. Anamul Hasan "Performance Analysis of Dynamic Threshold-Voltage CNTFET for High-Speed Multi-level Voltage Detector" (Published in 14th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation , UKSIM 2012, Cambridge, UK , IEEE indexed, held on April 2012)


Professional Affiliations: 



American International University –Bangladesh (AIUB)
House# 82, Block B, Road# 14,
Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email: showvan@aiub.edu