On 7th December, 2017 for the very first time, Engineering Student’s Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face successfully organized a workshop on women awareness entitled as “Self-Defense for Women”. It was held at room 2210, annex 2, AIUB permanent campus commencing from 12:00 pm. The workshop started with the inaugural speech by Tajbia Karim (Assistant professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB and Motivator of ESAB AIUB Unit Face). She initiated the event by welcoming all the participants and enhanced the fact how self-defense is important both for men and women, especially in today’s world. Afterwards, she introduced Md. Daif Salemoon (Instructor, Gulshan Karate Dojo, Black belt (Shodan); Certified by Traditional Karate Association, USA), to the participants.

Md. Daif Salemoon shared his aptitude and overall notion on self-defense. He encouraged the participants with his strong and valiant words to practice self-defense techniques regularly to be prepared for any kind of mishap that might occur in future. Later on he introduced his partner, who assisted him throughout the workshop. On the first phase of the workshop Md. Daif Salemoon taught the participants the very basic rule which they should memorize before learning any physical defense techniques. In his words, “This very basic rule is divided into three steps titled as “ABC”, where ‘A’ stands for Awareness, ’B’ stands for Body Fitness and ‘C’ stands for Confidence.” After this discussion he showed the participants the proper way to punch and kick by using their shoulder and waist. He also taught some amazing karate techniques like “Shuto” and “Niko te” originated from Japan. He also added that, “Defense is more important than offense”. In consideration of this matter, he showed many defensive moves including ground defense technics which can be really helpful specially to women. Md. Daif Salemoon also mentioned that one workshop on self-defense can’t train up a person properly, but it can be a great start and if the techniques are practiced at least twice or thrice in a week, the participants would be able to train up themselves properly. The participants felt instant rise in confidence after this workshop. They were delighted with this workshop and also enjoyed a lot.

Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Special Assistant, OSA, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB and Mentor of ESAB AIUB Unit face) gave the closing speech by sharing his notions which would help the participants to uphold their own safety. Later on, he thanked all the participants for their presence. At the end of the event Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan and Tajbia Karim showed their sincere gratitude for Md. Daif Salemoon’s valuable contribution on this workshop by providing a token of appreciation with a certificate of participation.