Team “ABC” and “ARG-Infinity” consisted with students from Dept. of EEE, AIUB has been Champion and 1st Runner-Up of Robo-Soccer in BAIUST EEE Day 2K18 respectively. The competition was hosted by BAIUST EEE Club, Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology. The contest was on playing ball by a wireless controlled robot. Team members of ABC are Mr. Syed Md Anwarul Islam (Student, Dept. of EEE), Ms. Rima Sultana (Student, Dept. of EEE) and Mr. Tarikul Islam Juel (Student, Dept. of EEE & Member, ACES Research Unit). Team “ARG-Infinity”, a team from AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) Research Unit also demonstrated a project on Smart Home Automation which can control and monitor home appliances from anywhere in the world and became 1st Runner-Up in Project Showcasing section as well.  Team members of ARG-Infinity are Mr. Md Nazmul Islam Lusan (Student, Dept. of EEE), Mr. Tanvir Hasan (Student, Dept. of EEE), Mr. Md. Ahad Khan Abir (Student, Dept. of EEE), Mr. Md. Shafat Saif (Student, Dept. of EEE) and Md Mostak Shariar (Student, Dept. of EEE). ACES Research Unit is a wing of AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) under which students from different engineering departments are doing research activities and project works. Mr. Syed Md Anwarul Islam also secured 3rd position in circuit contest.
Yet again, Team “ABC” secured 1st Runner-Up by a neck fight in Robo Soccer competition at EEE Carnival-2018 organized by EEE Department of Leading University. The carnival held at Leading University permanent campus in Sylhet.