American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)
Faculty of Engineering
 list awardee for the Fall 2017-18 Semester 


Undergraduate students who maintained certain criteria in the Spring 2016-17 semester are the recipient of the dean’s list award. The criteria are: 

▪ Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.75 on Spring 2016-17 semester.
▪ Minimum Credit Hours completed: 24 until Spring 2016-17 semester.
▪ Minimum Credit Load on Spring 2016-17 Semester: 14 Credit Hours.
▪ No Grade Point (GP) less than 3.25 in any completed course.
▪ No F, W, UW and I grade in any course in previous record.
▪ No disciplinary action has been taken for not complying with AIUB policy.

An award ceremony to distribute certificates among the recipients will be held as per the following:

Day: Thursday
Date: March 1, 2018
Time: 11:30 PM ~
Venue: Room 2201 (CL11)

Dean’s list recipients for the Fall 2017-18 semester:

Please click here for the list