Students seeking admission to the Department of Architecture must be admitted to American International University-Bangladesh, and have successfully completed all required formalities. Students from other degree-granting areas of the University and transfer students from other approved colleges and universities are also accepted. Transfer students must submit an official catalog containing course descriptions, an official and detailed transcript showing earned credits and evidence of good standing for evaluation.

The Office of Admission should be contacted for current information regarding acceptance of transfer credits. Students who major in architecture are recommended to take upper level math, physics, and computer courses (preferably Computer Aided Design).


You can choose any of the following 3 ways to apply:
1. Submit information via Online Admission Form.

Go to AIUB Main Page
2. Download the form, print it, fill-up and then submit it to the university.

3. Go to the university and purchase a form and fill-up on spot.
Admission Test for Spring 2006-2007 is on October 19, 2006.

For further detailed information please Visit:
Admission Information, Admin Building
House# 83/B,
Road# 4,
Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani,

Phone: 9894229, 8811749, Ext- 100, 200



Application Process
Students must be formally admitted to the program prior to registering for courses. The application for the admission form available in the information/admission office. Competed applications together with required documents should be submitted to the admission office.

Who Can Apply?
To sit for the admission test, a student must successfully pass the HSC examination and must meet the minimum requirements set the by respective faculty which is subject to revision at any stage. For O'level and A'level candidates, at least 5 O'level and 2 A'level courses need to be completed with satisfactory grade to be determined by the respective faculty. The student who has sat for SSC and HSC has to have an aggregate of 1200 marks or a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) in SSC of 3 and in HSC of 2.5.The student has to submit a set of attested photocopy of all mark sheets and certificates/testimonials as well as two copies of colored passport size photographs along with the application form.

Transfer Students:
The university accepts qualified students who wish to transfer from other universities that AIUB considers to possess equivalents curriculum and standard. Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts of all prior academic records. The university reserves the right in deciding how many credits (courses) will be transferred. Students on academic probation, suspension, or dismissal are not eligible for transfer admission

Transfer applicants who have been out of school for two consecutive semesters or longer must provide the admission office with a statement describing activities during this period.

International Students:
International applicants will be admitted with academic credit validation by the University for Comparable Courses completed in addition, the international need to provide:

1. Government study permit
2. Original transcript
3. Valid Visa and Financial Statement

Conditional Admission:
Students may temporarily be admitted to the university pending availability of a particular examination result and transfer of credential. Once the university receives whatever has been pending, the students will receive regular admission to the respective faculty. The university reserves full right of granting or rejecting a prayer for conditional admission.

Orientations for Freshmen
An orientation program for freshmen (parents / guardians may be invited) will be conducted at the beginning of the semester. Policies and regulations of the University will be discussed. The office of Student Affairs will arrange the orientation and formally invite the freshmen.

Retention of Application Files

Applications for admission will be kept for one year from the original date of receipt. If the application has not been completed during this period, it will become invalid. Applications for admission which are completed and have been acted upon will be kept for one year from the date of acceptance. If a student does not register for any class during this period, the application will become invalid. Prior to an application files being invalid, the applicant will be notified by mail. If the applicant subsequently decides to enter the program at the University, he/she will be required to reassemble the entire application file. All documents submitted in connection with an application become the property of the University.

Registration and enrollment are the process by which one is enrolled as a student at the university for a particular semester. Registration includes advisement and course entry and results in a schedule of classes. Enrollment includes payment of tuition and other charges during a prescribed semester. Following are the responsibilities of the student:

1. To become familiar with the university calendar appearing in the Catalog and a number of other media throughout the university. Familiarity with the calendar facilitates adherence to the registration process. The process helps to assure that a student will be enrolled in the required courses.
2. To complete registration according to the university policy and regulations.
3. To consult the academic advisor and secure appropriate signatures on the required forms. This will ensure that proper course sequences are being followed or the student's curriculum.

In all cases in which a student has not completed registration by the end of the specified registration date, a late registration fee will be charged. A student enrolling for a semester must follow the following procedures:

1. Secure the expected courses by online pre-registration before the final exam of the previous semester
2. Confirm the pre-registration through the online registration system of the university
3. Pay all required fees within 24 hours of registration. Otherwise, the registration will become invalid.

Dropping/ Adding or Withdrawing from Courses:
Students may drop or add courses during the designated drop/add period on the Academic Calendar. The dropping and adding of courses must be done using the registration system and maintaining the university policies. Course withdrawal begins after the end of drop/adds period. Students who wish to withdraw from an individual course must obtain a course withdrawal form from the Office of Registration and Records. Adjustment of tuition fees will be determined by the Accounts Office confirming to the established policies of the university.