AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) celebrated its fourth foundation day on two separate days (April 5, 2018 & April 7, 2018), which was held in AIUB campus. In these two days many engineering students gathered together to celebrate and to showcase their talent, creativity as well as learn and have fun together. The vibrancy of the two days long event was reflected in the crowd of hundreds and the enthusiasm of all the participants were absolutely remarkable. On the first day, the program revolved around several competitions namely Drone Racing Competition which involved 8 groups of participants, Robo Soccer having 24 competitors and finally Light weight and Heavy weight Robo fight tournament which included the participation of 6 candidates in total; whereas on the second day, various cultural performances and award ceremony took place.

The program was commenced at 3:30 PM with the inaugural speech from the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna who congratulated ACES for their accomplishments throughout the year and has praised the students for their relentless dedication and enormous contribution towards the betterment of the engineering students. The event proceeded with a college quiz competition where students from different colleges attended the contest and the prizes were given accordingly to the winners. On this day, all the winners of the competitions (Drone Racing, Robo Soccer and Robo Fight) that took place on the first day, were appreciated and encouraged with crests and certificates. ACES family also recognized the invaluable contribution of the top post holders and the ACES Research group co-ordinators of 2017 by providing them crest as a token of appreciation. ACES always cultivates the relation that it shares with the alumni and as a reflection of it around 30 alumni had attended and enjoyed the evening and they were also acknowledged with souvenirs. In addition to that, there was a session conducted by Engr. Mashrur H. Shurid (CEO, ERROR LAB and Alumni, Department of EEE, AIUB) and Engr. Md. Mahadi Habib (Sr. Consultant of Power Systems, Hardware R&D Division and Alumni, Department of EEE, AIUB). Moreover, the audiences were extremely overwhelmed by the dance performances and indulged in the songs performed by the members, executives and volunteers of ACES. Also, alumni & students from different department took part in the cultural events. ACES is grateful to all of them for their participation. Lastly, the cultural program came to an end with a comic drama, which was portrayed by the committee members of ACES. Another important tradition of the ACES Foundation Day, was the declaration of the New Committee of ACES which was declared by the Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB & Mentor of ACES). Their roles will require them to be the leaders for the prefect body, their cohort and to serve as role models for younger students.

The long eventful day was concluded with the closing speech delivered by Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman (Director, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) where he expressed his gratitude towards the entire ACES team for their vigorous effort to make the event successful and conveyed wishes of goodwill among all the students. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Head of UG Program, Department of EEE & CoE, AIUB), Dr. M Mohiuddin Uzzal (Head of PG Program, Department of EEE, AIUB), Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB & Adviser of ACES), Mr. Ahmed Mortuza Saleque (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Md. Nahian - Al - Subri Ivan (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Abu Hena Md. Shatil (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Dr. Mir Mohammad Nazmul Arefin (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Md. Arif Abdulla Samy (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Md. Jahid Hasan (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Kawshik Shikder (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Ms. Sumaiya Umme Hani (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ACES), and Mr. Safayet Ahmed (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ACES) graced the two days event with their presence. With the profound support of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) the program was executed immaculately. Finally, the celebration commenced its completion by announcing the names of the raffle draw winners. And this is how an amazing event came to an end with a huge round of applause from the participants.